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Anyone here playing around with ChatGPT ?


Yes, I am well aware of its current flaws. At that address, you can use a fairly recent version for free. Google has https://bard.google.com and Bing (Microsoft) has it in its Edge browser.

An impossible question to answer: How many seniors and immunocompromised people in FL died ?

As I said in the subject line, it is impossible to answer. My understanding is that DeSantis disabled the Department of Health from collecting and publishing accurate statistics on all facets of COVID-19 in Florida. Maybe I understood the information wrong.

I posit this because, DeSantis is always trumpeting the "fact" that he kept Florida open, open for business, and "kept the schools open". I admit to not knowing the exact truths about all this.

However, I do know that the country of Sweden adopted a similar policy at the beginning of the pandemic, only to put in some restrictions for public health later. Their death rate per 100,000 was among the highest in Europe.

It seems to me that DeSantis' policy sacrificed seniors and the immunocompromised in favor of "openness". I wish we knew good stats about those two populations.

Thanks for your patience.

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