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- TYT University: Occupy Cal Police Clash w/ Students - Berkeley Chancellor Backpedals? (Ana & Alyona) ihavenobias Fri Nov-18-11 05:58 PM3
- US Rep. Jim McGovern: A Constitutional Amendment to Repeal Citizens United, restore SixthSense Fri Nov-18-11 05:31 PM5
- Mayor Bloomberg Spokesperson On The Occupy Wall Street Raids matthewf Fri Nov-18-11 05:29 PM0
- More on the Gerald Celente Heist The Vrude Fri Nov-18-11 05:13 PM1
- Muppets are Un-American? Britethorn Fri Nov-18-11 04:57 PM3
- Brookfield Properties/Zuccotti Park private security throw protester over barricade Fire Walk Wit... Fri Nov-18-11 04:49 PM14
- Journalist,Faith Laugier- attacked,assaulted and arrested by NYPD: The Shamar Report sce56 Fri Nov-18-11 04:36 PM14
- Sam Seder: Dirty Tricks of the Insurance Industry Exposed GoLeft TV Fri Nov-18-11 04:31 PM3
- TDPS: 22-Year-Old Openly Gay Mayor Alex Morse on CBS Ignoring Sexual Orientation celtics23 Fri Nov-18-11 04:24 PM4
- TNGA Rep. Tony Shipley Protecting Pill Mills: TBI Investigation 'Means To Intimidate a Legislator' doeriver Fri Nov-18-11 04:08 PM1
- Occupy Edwin C. Moses Takes a Different Path Toward Change votesparks Fri Nov-18-11 04:01 PM4
- Desperately seeking Not-Mitt Bgno64 Fri Nov-18-11 03:48 PM0
- Homeless guy working for tips using the Muppets performs "Under Pressure." Ian David Fri Nov-18-11 02:35 PM7
- Liz Hasselbeck Whines To Bill Maher On The View Grassy Knoll Fri Nov-18-11 02:12 PM11
- NYPD arrest retired Philly police captain Raymond Lewis at OWS protests WhoIsNumberNo... Fri Nov-18-11 01:45 PM10
- The Rude Pundit - Occupy Wall Street and the NYPD: November 15, 2011 meegbear Fri Nov-18-11 01:39 PM0
- Occupy and Apology, with Elise Whitaker - Countdown with Keith Olbermann cal04 Fri Nov-18-11 12:25 PM2
- Who are the 1%? We film. You decide. Mosaic Fri Nov-18-11 11:44 AM0
- ACW Responds to American Crossroads GPS "Foundation" Ad ThirdChoice Fri Nov-18-11 11:19 AM0
- RoboKopter Zamieszki I harvey007 Fri Nov-18-11 11:17 AM2
- RoboKopter Policja bieg harvey007 Fri Nov-18-11 10:25 AM1
- on Mon 11/14 Vet for Peace gives inspiring Message to Occupy MN on night of eviction annm4peace Fri Nov-18-11 10:14 AM0
- France 24 reports on how Goldman Sachs has infiltrated EU countries and financial institutions JohnyCanuck Fri Nov-18-11 10:13 AM5
- Young Turks: Go Big Coalition Wants Massive Budget Cuts CherylK Fri Nov-18-11 10:03 AM1
- A Message to All Police Officers from Occupy Wall Street - 1/2 DeSwiss Fri Nov-18-11 09:22 AM5
- NYC security detail at Zuccotti Park calls someone a "f*ggot" kpete Fri Nov-18-11 09:19 AM13
- Projections on Verizon building #ows cal04 Fri Nov-18-11 07:16 AM4
- I Don't Want Your Millions, Mister ( Almanac Singers ) ellisonz Fri Nov-18-11 06:38 AM1
- In Support of Occupy Wall Street, New Third Eye Blind Single - 'If There Ever Was A Time' Hissyspit Fri Nov-18-11 06:07 AM3
- OCCUPY WALL STREET vs THE EMPIRE onestepforwar... Fri Nov-18-11 02:13 AM1
- The Real Deal with George Galloway -- Nov. 13, 2011 Mr_Jefferson_... Fri Nov-18-11 01:46 AM1
- President Obama's Great American Smokeout Message onehandle Fri Nov-18-11 01:11 AM4
- Curiously Appropriate This Week - Flobots - 'Rise' WillyT Thu Nov-17-11 10:33 PM1
- Capt Ray Lewis Joins OWS Protest,Gives Message to NYPD and Slams The Greed 1% from Zuccotti Park [View All] Fire Walk Wit... Thu Nov-17-11 10:32 PM34
- Mario Savio Memorial Lecture: Robert Reich on Class Warfare in America Better Believ... Thu Nov-17-11 10:23 PM5
- Keiser Report: In Debt We Trust (E211) stockholmer Thu Nov-17-11 10:22 PM1
- Amory Lovins Nails Renewable Energy Costs, Energy Subsidies, & Myth of Baseload Source kristopher Thu Nov-17-11 09:18 PM2
- Boehner: War Drawdown Savings Can't Go to Jobs swag Thu Nov-17-11 08:32 PM7
- Illinois Governor Pat Quinn "OWS is Healthy, Domocracy is Not a Specator Sport.. Stuart G Thu Nov-17-11 08:24 PM5
- Who will be the Republican Presidential Nominee in 2012? DUH! politic_vic Thu Nov-17-11 07:48 PM3
- (When A Vet Comes To The Aid Of An 84 Year Old Ativist) Aftermath of pepper spray on Occupy Seattle WillyT Thu Nov-17-11 07:42 PM9
- A Message to All Police Officers from Occupy Wall Street - 2/2 DeSwiss Thu Nov-17-11 07:38 PM2
- Sen. Sanders: Hands Off Social Security cal04 Thu Nov-17-11 07:24 PM2
- Mic Check! This is What Democracy Look Like! - Occupy Boston - Occupy Wall St. sce56 Thu Nov-17-11 07:11 PM1
- #OWS ZUCCOTTI PARK 11-17-11 PROTESTER BEATEN - ARRESTED 1776Forever Thu Nov-17-11 07:10 PM11
- Professor Russ Roberts: " I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK " Segami Thu Nov-17-11 06:36 PM0
- Sen. Sanders on the Super Committtee:Virtually Everything That They Wanted cal04 Thu Nov-17-11 06:28 PM8
- Occupy Wall Street Human Chain VS NYPD Bus Swede Thu Nov-17-11 04:44 PM5
- #occupybaltimore Mic Checks Karl Rove blogslut Thu Nov-17-11 04:29 PM8
- Libyans create human chain for peace tabatha Thu Nov-17-11 04:28 PM0
- DC the highest concentration of "poorest of the poor" The Northerne... Thu Nov-17-11 04:28 PM0
- We Defeated Socialism! INSUROCORP! Galraedia Thu Nov-17-11 03:51 PM0
- Police Eviction - Occupy Nova Scotia murphyj87 Thu Nov-17-11 03:32 PM1
- Thom Hartmann: My Answer to a Libertarian Caller Trashing OWS thomhartmann Thu Nov-17-11 02:26 PM4
- Hartmann: Conservaties plot to sabotage Walker recall effort midnight Thu Nov-17-11 02:11 PM1
- Republican Base / Real Time with Bill Maher / 2011-11-11 stlsaxman Thu Nov-17-11 01:53 PM7
- Young Turks: Women Pepper Sprayed at Occupy Seattle CherylK Thu Nov-17-11 01:21 PM0
- Adviser to Oakland Mayor Resigns Over Occupy Oakland Raid - Mayor does Wall St. Bidding Lars77 Thu Nov-17-11 12:32 PM2
- 19 Arrested at #OccupyColumbia Rusty5329 Thu Nov-17-11 12:24 PM2
- Oops! (Democratic Rapid Response) No Joe Thu Nov-17-11 12:21 PM4
- South Park Weighs in on the Penn State Scandal Amerigo Vespu... Thu Nov-17-11 11:23 AM0
- A Way to End War davidswanson Thu Nov-17-11 10:00 AM0
- NYPD Occupys Zuccotti Tuesday Morning Post Raid FluxRostrum Thu Nov-17-11 09:58 AM2
- "I Am Not Moving!" - OWS short film lbrtbell Thu Nov-17-11 07:16 AM8
- 'How do you say 'delicious' in Cuban?' (26 seconds of Cain) underpants Thu Nov-17-11 06:51 AM4
- Breaking News: Police Make Arrests - Occupy SF Bank of America branch AsahinaKimi Thu Nov-17-11 05:54 AM4
- Dorli Rainey on being pepper-sprayed by Seattle police- Countdown with Keith Olbermann cal04 Thu Nov-17-11 04:32 AM14
- #OWS calls for nonviolent solidarity on November 17th handmade34 Thu Nov-17-11 03:00 AM4
- Occupy Seattle Protesters Pepper Sprayed,Nov 15,2011 Fire Walk Wit... Thu Nov-17-11 02:33 AM1
- CalTV News: Robert Reich's Mario Savio Memorial Lecture - November 15, 2011 marmar Thu Nov-17-11 12:16 AM1
- Palin says she'll bring the rope for Sandusky, and Greta Von Xenu asks if she meant something else Amerigo Vespu... Thu Nov-17-11 12:13 AM5
- Unlawful Arrest? with Ydanis Rodriguez - Countdown with Keith Olbermann cal04 Wed Nov-16-11 11:09 PM2
- *** #OWS Call to Action for November 17th *** EFerrari Wed Nov-16-11 10:32 PM8
- 'This is SO not over!' Donnachaidh Wed Nov-16-11 10:31 PM1
- Young Turks: Occupy Wall Street Media Blackout, Police State CherylK Wed Nov-16-11 08:44 PM2
- Mario Savio on Civil Disobedience Ken Burch Wed Nov-16-11 08:01 PM0
- Olbermann SPECIAL COMMENT on Occupy Raid: Bloomberg On Wrong Side Of History [View All] Hissyspit Wed Nov-16-11 07:52 PM43
- Glenn Beck & Glenn Beck Are Back Galraedia Wed Nov-16-11 07:45 PM1
- Italy's biggest bank UniCredit announced a 10.6 billion-euro loss bank run danger marmar Wed Nov-16-11 07:29 PM0
- Young Turks: Why Mayor Bloomberg Fights Occupy Wall Street CherylK Wed Nov-16-11 07:21 PM9
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