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- GUIDELINES FOR THE POLITICAL VIDEOS FORUM - Please read before starting a thread in this forum EarlG Admin Mon Oct-30-06 02:01 PM0
- Donald Trump Eats KFC With a Fork and Knife (Late Show with Colbert) Divine Discon... Wed Aug-03-16 09:42 PM1
- It's awesome watching a Faux news clip and seeing them freaking out over the election Divine Discon... Sat Mar-12-16 02:27 PM4
- ATLAS, THE NEXT GENERATION Divine Discon... Thu Mar-03-16 03:44 AM2
- Howard Dean & Bill Maher blast Right Wing talking head over RW extremism Divine Discon... Thu Feb-25-16 04:00 AM10
- Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - 1964 Special Divine Discon... Thu Feb-25-16 03:59 AM5
- The X-Files Reopens Divine Discon... Thu Feb-25-16 03:58 AM7
- Leonard Nimoy Tribute (1931 - 2015) Divine Discon... Fri Apr-24-15 09:41 AM8
- (Leaked Teaser) - I Am Bradley Manning Divine Discon... Thu Jun-06-13 06:12 AM2
- Epic scene from Zombi 2. ZombieHorde Sun Feb-24-13 08:41 PM0
- Meteorite strikes Russia, injures hundreds Divine Discon... Fri Feb-15-13 04:40 AM0
- Seattle Teachers' Uprising. Why they are protesting the MAP test. madfloridian Thu Jan-31-13 03:36 PM1
- TX woman having property taken by foreign company, eminent domain. madfloridian Sat Jan-26-13 04:29 AM2
- an episode of Doomsday Preppers Divine Discon... Sat Dec-29-12 10:41 PM6
- Plouffe in Nov. said Medicare, Medicaid driving deficit. "left" must accept tough things. madfloridian Sat Dec-29-12 10:38 PM6
- Rick Scott over and over "we did the right thing." Proud of voter suppression. madfloridian Fri Nov-23-12 03:20 PM3
- President Obama's 2012 Victory Speech Divine Discon... Wed Nov-07-12 09:03 PM0
- You go, NYC parents! "Educating Maggie" (Gyllenhaal) about Parent Trigger. madfloridian Wed Nov-07-12 06:45 PM6
- Collapse - New Ad for Obama about Romney's Lies About Chrysler & Auto Bailout Divine Discon... Tue Oct-30-12 04:31 AM2
- GOP Col. Lawrence Wilkerson says racism is at the heart of Republican votes against Obama Divine Discon... Sat Oct-27-12 09:33 PM2
- Endorsing and singing for Mitt Romney, Meatloaf makes mockery of America the Beautiful Divine Discon... Sat Oct-27-12 01:25 AM1
- No One Was Looking - Obama Ad about the character of Mitt Romney Divine Discon... Fri Oct-26-12 05:57 PM0
- Swift Voter catches fake "Co. Clerk" emp asking poll question to register Romney backers only Divine Discon... Wed Sep-26-12 07:37 PM3
- Santorum: ‘We Will Never Have the Elite, Smart People on Our Side’ madfloridian Sun Sep-16-12 05:42 AM3
- Frank Sinatra - My Way (A Song For us ol' D.Underground 2 rebels!) Divine Discon... Sat Sep-15-12 06:02 PM6
- Bush "truly not concerned" about Bin Laden. Lies in debate for all of the world to see forever. Divine Discon... Thu Sep-13-12 02:17 AM3
- Michelle Rhee's group defends offensive ad that targets schools and overweight people. madfloridian Fri Sep-07-12 03:16 AM2
- Bill Clinton's DNC speech (COMPLETE, 9-05-12) lbrtbell Thu Sep-06-12 08:29 AM0
- Robert Kennedy Remembered - Academy Award ® Winner MinM Fri Aug-31-12 01:29 AM2
- Clint Eastwood's Throat-Slicing Moment at the 2012 Republican National Convention Divine Discon... Fri Aug-31-12 01:28 AM1
- FL TeaParty: "treat liberals like dogs; grab them by their collar and yell 'bad Democrat, no!' madfloridian Tue Aug-28-12 10:58 AM2
- Public Schools Denounced at Tea Party Rally in Tampa..Neal Boortz madfloridian Mon Aug-27-12 11:06 PM1
- Beautiful, powerful tirade against Tea Party by Irish president 2010 madfloridian Sun Aug-26-12 07:12 PM7
- Bob Roberts (1992) MinM Wed Aug-22-12 09:46 AM0
- The Truth about Paul Ryan MinM Thu Aug-16-12 04:36 PM1
- Paul Ryan - Ayn Rand's Relevance (Must see & Pass it on! Plus a link to LA Times 8/12 article) Divine Discon... Sun Aug-12-12 03:51 PM7
- Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan: Back to the Failed Top-Down Policies Divine Discon... Sat Aug-11-12 10:48 AM0
- Harry Belafonte | 'Sing Your Song' | HBO MinM Fri Aug-10-12 08:31 AM0
- Very weird political ad from Central Florida. It's embarrassing. madfloridian Sun Jul-29-12 04:47 AM1
- Offensive anti-public school ad by Michelle Rhee's reform group madfloridian Thu Jul-26-12 03:16 AM3
- Mitt singing in Obama for America TV Ad: Firms Divine Discon... Sun Jul-15-12 05:26 AM0
- People Dancing All Over Planet Earth Bucky Sat Jul-14-12 11:15 AM0
- Mitt Romney needs two mouths to keep up with his flip flops! politic_vic Wed Jul-11-12 10:17 PM2
- Live & Let Die MinM Tue Jul-10-12 09:50 PM0
- Public school privatization has moved from right wing fringe to center of both major parties. madfloridian Mon Jul-09-12 08:47 AM1
- Michael Eric Dyson equates Whites past use of bible against Blacks, to Black church use against GLBT Divine Discon... Mon Jul-09-12 08:11 AM1
- Preakness scene in "Seven Days in May" MinM Sun Jul-08-12 03:00 PM5
- Fair Game (Valerie Plame) MinM Sat Jul-07-12 04:31 PM0
- Henri 3, Le Vet DainBramaged Sun Jul-01-12 06:59 PM1
- X37B returns after 15 month Secret Space Mission MinM Tue Jun-19-12 03:08 PM2
- Matzo Man DainBramaged Sat Jun-09-12 01:15 PM1
- ‘The Newsroom,’ Aaron Sorkin’s Return to TV MinM Sat Jun-09-12 11:14 AM0
- straight pride David Alan Grier In Living Colo rpannier Fri Jun-08-12 06:22 PM0
- Blackmailing the President MinM Tue Jun-05-12 09:17 AM2
- Ed Show: President Obama slams Romney's speech as a 'Cowpie of Distortion'. Also, Sen. Sanders! Divine Discon... Sat May-26-12 04:34 PM0
- James Rosen Describes His Encounter with Alexander Haig! MinM Thu May-24-12 02:22 PM0
- IF DIABLO 3 WERE A GIRL DainBramaged Mon May-21-12 11:01 AM0
- Video of a pastor throwing flour from a pail, hopping on tables. madfloridian Thu May-10-12 02:59 PM2
- Obama declaration "icing on the cake" of gay rights legacy - The Rachel Maddow Divine Discon... Thu May-10-12 02:00 PM0
- President Barack Obama's Remarks at the Ready to Go Rally in Columbus, Ohio Divine Discon... Sun May-06-12 02:16 AM0
- United We Stand DeMartMan Sat May-05-12 08:28 PM0
- Live 1971. Neil Young's "Ohio", his Kent State tribute. 42 yrs ago this week. madfloridian Sat May-05-12 02:13 PM0
- U.S. Rep. Allard Lowenstein (D-NY) MinM Fri May-04-12 08:16 PM1
- U.S. Rep. Leo Joseph Ryan, Jr. (D-CA) MinM Thu May-03-12 02:27 PM0
- Swiss Bank Account DainBramaged Tue May-01-12 08:31 AM0
- Occupy the Justice Department FluxRostrum Thu Apr-26-12 11:47 AM0
- Slow Jam The News with Barack Obama: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon seafan Wed Apr-25-12 01:15 PM1
- Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse DainBramaged Mon Apr-23-12 02:15 PM0
- Marco Rubio: 'If I Do a Good Job as Vice President' seafan Sat Apr-21-12 11:03 AM2
- Willard Mitt Romney disses local bakery's cookies & the woman who presented them to his Royal Heiney Divine Discon... Fri Apr-20-12 01:14 PM2
- The fastest human powered bicycle DainBramaged Sat Apr-14-12 10:43 AM0
- Girl blown by a plane DainBramaged Mon Apr-09-12 08:48 PM2
- ADmented Reality - Google Glasses Remixed with Google Ads DainBramaged Fri Apr-06-12 08:18 PM0
- Cute Dogs Listening To Sad Songs - Cass McCombs - DainBramaged Fri Apr-06-12 04:23 PM1
- Project Glass: One day... DainBramaged Wed Apr-04-12 04:17 PM1
- Bill Maher On George Zimmerman Police Station Appearance Divine Discon... Mon Apr-02-12 09:36 AM1
- "Join the Party!" seafan Fri Mar-30-12 10:35 AM0
- The Goldman Sachs Muppets song: Client or Muppet? - Felix TV ellisonz Mon Mar-26-12 02:34 PM0
- FIAT 500 Abarth Commercial - Charlie Sheen DainBramaged Sun Mar-25-12 03:32 AM1
- Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up (feat. Eminem) Sapphocrat Fri Mar-23-12 04:26 AM0
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