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- The War on Christmas naprapath Mon Dec-05-11 08:43 AM0
- 'Financial terrorists behind EU crisis' Max Keiser maxkeiser Mon Dec-05-11 06:41 AM6
- Vet spits truth before cops move in - Occupy LA SixthSense Mon Dec-05-11 04:32 AM2
- Anonymous talk silverweb Mon Dec-05-11 12:17 AM18
- Buddy Roemer speaks out about Goldman Sachs, gov. corruption, lobbying, PACs, Obama administratiion Courtesy Flus... Sun Dec-04-11 11:07 PM11
- How do you like this music behind us right now, huh? Amerigo Vespu... Sun Dec-04-11 11:02 PM3
- Message to Canada by Actress Fadwa Soliman from inside Syria UndertheOcean Sun Dec-04-11 10:20 PM0
- The Capitol Police deck the halls... Pharaoh Sun Dec-04-11 09:28 PM8
- Wisconsin Governor Wants To Charge Protesters For The Cost Of Pepper Spray Cops Use On Them! [View All] Galraedia Sun Dec-04-11 09:14 PM31
- The State of Occupy Wall Street (Occupy Congress January 17th, 2012) boston bean Sun Dec-04-11 09:00 PM7
- Hilarious rant on stupid people (Obviously the GOP comes up) Adam4tvs Sun Dec-04-11 08:41 PM12
- 75 Years in Prison For Videotaping Police Swede Sun Dec-04-11 08:28 PM12
- Occupy LA demands Anthony's freedom outside Men's Central Jail Fire Walk Wit... Sun Dec-04-11 07:45 PM4
- Young Turks: Adam Carolla Occupy Wall Street Rant (Breakdown) CherylK Sun Dec-04-11 07:37 PM10
- Thom Hartmann: Are violent video games changing your child's brain? thomhartmann Sun Dec-04-11 07:13 PM8
- SNL Politics Reviewed: Obama's Back Britethorn Sun Dec-04-11 05:49 PM4
- Philip Glass at Occupy Wall Street protest (Lincoln Center) stlsaxman Sun Dec-04-11 05:40 PM5
- Should Occupy Wall Street Support Ron Paul? ( parody) MarkCharles Sun Dec-04-11 05:28 PM3
- Lab Research Dogs see Sun and Grass for the First Time (Get your tissues, you will cry) vxzdqwea Sun Dec-04-11 04:50 PM11
- "It's beginning to look a lot like...: Tesha Sun Dec-04-11 04:44 PM2
- Thom Hartmann: Is your cell phone spying on you? thomhartmann Sun Dec-04-11 04:38 PM1
- Friday, Dec 2nd Scott Olsen interviewed 'again' by Keith Olberman Tx4obama Sun Dec-04-11 03:59 PM5
- Discovery of WWII Bomb Sparks Mass Evacuation sce56 Sun Dec-04-11 03:14 PM7
- President Obama and President Clinton Speak on Better Building Initiative Investments Amerigo Vespu... Sun Dec-04-11 02:30 PM0
- Click, Clack, Moo. Cows That Type...Ed reformer calls it union propaganda. madfloridian Sun Dec-04-11 02:19 PM11
- Change for a Dollar MattSh Sun Dec-04-11 02:01 PM2
- Sintex Era: Trickle Down WhoIsNumberNo... Sun Dec-04-11 11:52 AM0
- Young Turks: Poor Kids Should Clean Bathrooms - Newt Gingrich CherylK Sun Dec-04-11 10:38 AM5
- Newt Gingrich Al Sharpton Education Tour mucifer Sun Dec-04-11 10:29 AM1
- Chris Martenson Discusses Europe And Global Economy cantbeserious Sun Dec-04-11 10:17 AM2
- Barnacle on Tip O'niell and Newt and the root of all this divisiveness (Morning Joe) Sky Masterson Sun Dec-04-11 09:39 AM1
- 300 Economists lend support to Occupy Wall Street marmar Sun Dec-04-11 08:27 AM19
- New York Janitors Join Occupy Wall Street Lars77 Sun Dec-04-11 08:02 AM3
- TDPS: Kentucky Church Bans Interracial Couple from Almost Everything celtics23 Sun Dec-04-11 04:26 AM5
- Young Turks: Chase Pushed Minorities Into Subprime Loans - Former Banker CherylK Sun Dec-04-11 02:47 AM4
- Kyle Bass On Sovereign Debt, Housing Crisis, US Economic Policy cantbeserious Sun Dec-04-11 02:08 AM3
- Deirdre: Abuse by LA County Sheriffs after Occupy LA Raid Fire Walk Wit... Sun Dec-04-11 01:59 AM5
- MUST SEE: Whats goin on.. FourScore Sun Dec-04-11 01:23 AM3
- Breivik Diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia - Psychiatric Institution for the Rest of his Life vxzdqwea Sun Dec-04-11 01:03 AM5
- Thom Hartmann: What happened with the notion of a ''The Leisure Society?'' thomhartmann Sun Dec-04-11 12:49 AM8
- Creating Jobs in the Volunteer State: What Are Businesses Doing? alp227 Sat Dec-03-11 11:54 PM2
- Shopping Seizes Minds Leaving No Room For World News? DeSwiss Sat Dec-03-11 11:14 PM4
- Chris Hedges addresses Occupy Harvard November 28 2011 (part 3) marmar Sat Dec-03-11 10:37 PM4
- Shocking News Cast RainDog Sat Dec-03-11 10:36 PM7
- Papantonio: The Dimwit Republican Circus Freaks March Again GoLeft TV Sat Dec-03-11 10:03 PM1
- Thousands of Libyans remain missing tabatha Sat Dec-03-11 08:19 PM0
- On the Edge with Max Keiser - Greek crisis & Euro collapse (OTE134) stockholmer Sat Dec-03-11 07:01 PM1
- Glenn Beck: Mic Check'd! [View All] Fire Walk Wit... Sat Dec-03-11 06:52 PM29
- Occupy Springfield, MO - "Mic Check! The police seem to have locked themselves out of their van!" unhappycamper Sat Dec-03-11 06:36 PM9
- Why ban Ziptie handcuffs? They're a trap...only in your mind - they're quite easy to break out of. Broadsword Sat Dec-03-11 06:25 PM13
- Cain Exits, Claims Lies Media's Fault - 'I'm Not Going Away' tomm2thumbs Sat Dec-03-11 06:24 PM9
- Scottish singer ... amy McDonnell Ichingcarpent... Sat Dec-03-11 05:20 PM3
- [KR218] Keiser Report: Big Bazookas, Dead Whistleblowers & Hanging Paulson maxkeiser Sat Dec-03-11 05:12 PM6
- Killing for the Oil Companies (The Pledge of Obedience) Galraedia Sat Dec-03-11 05:09 PM2
- Bill Clinton on Obama: 'I Think He'll Be Re-elected' (PBS interview) alp227 Sat Dec-03-11 04:52 PM6
- NOLA Occupy- Mayor Landrieu discusses next step for Duncan Plaza Huey P. Long Sat Dec-03-11 04:06 PM0
- Young Turks: Black Student Hangs Confederate Flag in Dorm CherylK Sat Dec-03-11 03:16 PM4
- Countdown with Keith Olbermann: Cain't Buy Me Love Amerigo Vespu... Sat Dec-03-11 03:12 PM0
- International monitors complain of detention before Russian election Lars77 Sat Dec-03-11 03:09 PM0
- TDPS: Buddy Roemer on Why He's a Republican, Running with Ron Paul celtics23 Sat Dec-03-11 02:54 PM0
- Sen. Jeff Merkley - Why He Did Not Vote For S 1867 Dokkie Sat Dec-03-11 01:20 PM9
- US war vet gets arrested at Occupy LA barbtries Sat Dec-03-11 01:15 PM8
- TRMS: The Murdoch/Fox Primary Sky Masterson Sat Dec-03-11 01:07 PM3
- Inside Story - Iran's diplomatic crisis Lars77 Sat Dec-03-11 12:20 PM0
- Empire: Targeting Iran - Video: Iran, Israel and the US Lars77 Sat Dec-03-11 12:18 PM1
- Weekly Address: Extending and Expanding the Payroll Tax Cut cal04 Sat Dec-03-11 12:05 PM3
- Russia's voices of dissent Lars77 Sat Dec-03-11 12:04 PM0
- 'Mittstant Replay': FlipFlop Romney Handed His Hat By Fellow GOP'er tomm2thumbs Sat Dec-03-11 11:54 AM6
- Young Turks: Newt Gingrich - Execute Drug Users vxzdqwea Sat Dec-03-11 11:33 AM10
- Barney Frank on Dysfunction in Congress: 'Blame James Madison' alp227 Sat Dec-03-11 10:28 AM2
- Chris Hedges addresses Occupy Harvard November 28 2011 (part 1) marmar Sat Dec-03-11 10:15 AM2
- Chris Hedges addresses Occupy Harvard November 28 2011 (part 2) marmar Sat Dec-03-11 10:09 AM1
- U.S. Jobs Picture Shows Some Promise, but Many in 'Very Long Struggle' for Work alp227 Sat Dec-03-11 10:09 AM2
- Olbermann: Jackson Browne on Powers That Be Reaction to OWS - 'I Think They're Freaking Out' Hissyspit Sat Dec-03-11 10:07 AM4
- Fukushima disaster's marine fallout marmar Sat Dec-03-11 09:15 AM5
- The Machine That Controls Rick Perry's Brain bondwooley Sat Dec-03-11 09:10 AM5
- Thom Hartmann: Big Pharma - Scalping Cancer Drugs? thomhartmann Sat Dec-03-11 09:05 AM5
- Wife Calls Cops On Man Preparing For Martial Law In Massachusetts Pharaoh Sat Dec-03-11 08:43 AM9
- Michele Bachmann's Not Born That Way (Not Gay) Campaign Song. Hilarious. (Lady Gaga Parody) Better Believ... Sat Dec-03-11 08:38 AM2
- Surprise guest wishes Al Sharpton a happy birthday Enrique Sat Dec-03-11 08:15 AM0
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