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- The Battle of Los Angeles (Excellent photo montage) Fire Walk Wit... Thu Dec-01-11 12:37 PM5
- NH Voters on Mitt Romney: A Dishonest Fraud _eh Thu Dec-01-11 12:36 PM10
- Thom Hartmann: OWS student loans - are student debt strikes coming? thomhartmann Thu Dec-01-11 11:59 AM2
- CUNY raises tuition as fee hikes spread across campuses Lars77 Thu Dec-01-11 11:49 AM0
- Occupy Protesters Confront NYPD Commissioner With Images of Abuse Lars77 Thu Dec-01-11 11:44 AM3
- OccupyCville Evicted davidswanson Thu Dec-01-11 11:41 AM1
- JAMES BALDWIN: Interview (Florida Forum, Miami)~~1963 mucifer Thu Dec-01-11 11:09 AM1
- Scott Olsen WillyT Thu Dec-01-11 10:23 AM13
- 'Another Great Depression is all but inevitable' -'Write off the debt' [View All] Huey P. Long Thu Dec-01-11 10:01 AM29
- This Amendment With The Longterm Goal Of Collapsing The Central Bank Of Iran Is So Important! _eh Thu Dec-01-11 09:27 AM6
- "Once You're Determined To Be An Enemy Combatant There's No Requirement To Let You Go" pt.1 MOXNEWS _eh Thu Dec-01-11 08:58 AM8
- "China Will Not Hesitate To Protect Iran Even With A Third World War" stockholmer Thu Dec-01-11 08:02 AM9
- Congress Enacts Indefinite Detention Law For U.S. Citizens! _eh Thu Dec-01-11 06:34 AM4
- LAPD Descends on Occupy LA and Destroys an American Flag Fire Walk Wit... Thu Dec-01-11 06:13 AM3
- Occupy Wall Street Camps in Los Angeles, Philadelphia Dismantled in Massive Police Raids Lars77 Thu Dec-01-11 06:01 AM1
- Newt Gingrich: I Call On The President To Repudiate The 99%' kpete Thu Dec-01-11 04:43 AM15
- Your allotted amount of free speech has expired! [View All] kas125 Thu Dec-01-11 04:35 AM29
- 'Britons being robbed' say public sector workers Lars77 Thu Dec-01-11 02:21 AM0
- Striking UK state workers challenge coalition Lars77 Thu Dec-01-11 02:18 AM0
- Indefinite Detention? with Raha Wala - Countdown cal04 Thu Dec-01-11 02:17 AM1
- Keiser Report: Kleptocrats Go for Gold (E216) stockholmer Thu Dec-01-11 01:57 AM2
- Sen. Rand Paul Defends American Citizens Against Indefinite Detainment harvey007 Thu Dec-01-11 01:40 AM13
- Rep. Schakowsky: Erik Prince Of Blackwater Tried To Intimidate Me _eh Thu Dec-01-11 01:33 AM8
- Robin Ince: Science versus wonder? swag Thu Dec-01-11 01:06 AM1
- Occupy Budget Cuts, with Jesse Hagopian - Countdown cal04 Thu Dec-01-11 12:30 AM1
- Mitt Romney on FOX: A "Disastrous Interview" _eh Wed Nov-30-11 10:29 PM5
- Mike Malloy - Republicans Care: Rick Scott & Newt Gingrich hschulein Wed Nov-30-11 10:11 PM0
- Udall Pushes Amendment to Prevent Veto of Critical Defense Bill harvey007 Wed Nov-30-11 08:32 PM3
- The Young Turks: Greg Palast on Vultures' Picnic stockholmer Wed Nov-30-11 07:20 PM2
- Detainee Provision: Martial Law v. Exec Power harvey007 Wed Nov-30-11 07:15 PM1
- Young Turks: Obese Child Taken From Mom, Put In Foster Care CherylK Wed Nov-30-11 07:06 PM1
- America, Now - Topic: Economics TalkingDog Wed Nov-30-11 06:51 PM2
- National Defense Authorization Act 2012 (NDAA) Shreds the Constitution limpyhobbler Wed Nov-30-11 06:35 PM15
- Papantonio: Stupidity Damaged Cain More Than Sex Problems GoLeft TV Wed Nov-30-11 06:30 PM5
- Friendship on Fire: Pakistan done with US? The Northerne... Wed Nov-30-11 05:46 PM2
- HALLELUJAH CORPORATIONS Tesha Wed Nov-30-11 05:37 PM5
- Thom Hartmann: Money is free about tents? thomhartmann Wed Nov-30-11 05:13 PM1
- Thom Hartmann: The Euro crisis... are we as badly f***ked as it looks? thomhartmann Wed Nov-30-11 04:03 PM7
- NEWT JOKE About FOX News Segami Wed Nov-30-11 03:58 PM6
- Thom Hartmann: The man who invented pepper spray speaks out thomhartmann Wed Nov-30-11 03:46 PM1
- #Occupy LA swarmed by cops, Nov 30, at 00 17 Fire Walk Wit... Wed Nov-30-11 03:35 PM4
- Sen. Franken's Floor Speech on the Defense Authorization Bill Newest Realit... Wed Nov-30-11 02:29 PM5
- Young Turks: Top 1% Tax Cut Bigger Than 99% Income CherylK Wed Nov-30-11 02:25 PM0
- Countdown with Keith ...: Alan Grayson: Trillions in bank bailouts by the G_j Wed Nov-30-11 02:23 PM0
- Thom Hartmann: Democrats & Republicans ONLY agree on subverting the Constitution thomhartmann Wed Nov-30-11 02:10 PM4
- "Our Blood Brother Israel Is Trying To Make Some Mischief In Iran! Why Aren't We Backing Them?" _eh Wed Nov-30-11 01:25 PM13
- Whoopi Goldberg, The View: I'd trust Cain as long as he's not boning the country Amerigo Vespu... Wed Nov-30-11 01:19 PM4
- Watch The NYPD Beat, Kick, and Bloody An OWS Protester During Day of Action Galraedia Wed Nov-30-11 12:57 PM2
- California vs. The Feds: Obama's DOJ Cracks Down on Medical Marijuana walerosco Wed Nov-30-11 12:46 PM10
- Battlefield America: US Citizens Face Indefinite Military Detention in Senate Defense Bill The Northerne... Wed Nov-30-11 12:35 PM9
- TDPS: Nation's Dave Zirin on NBA Deal...Real Labor Story, Not Millionaires vs Billionaires celtics23 Wed Nov-30-11 11:12 AM0
- Romney Says George W. Bush FLIP-FLOPPED On ABORTION Too Segami Wed Nov-30-11 10:56 AM6
- FAMILY GUY- STEWIE GOES BILL O'REILLY romantico Wed Nov-30-11 08:49 AM1
- EDC - Zodwa Rannyabi _eh Wed Nov-30-11 08:42 AM3
- We Are All In This Together - Winston Apple LeighAnn Wed Nov-30-11 08:21 AM3
- LAPD clear Occupy LA camp Fire Walk Wit... Wed Nov-30-11 08:00 AM1
- Raid at @OccupyLA right now.. !! Fire Walk Wit... Wed Nov-30-11 07:13 AM2
- A Revelation- The Fed Grants $7.77 Trillion in Secret Bank Loans robertpaulsen Wed Nov-30-11 03:56 AM4
- Alan Grayson on the audit revealing trillions in bank bailouts by the Federal Reserve - Countdown [View All] cal04 Wed Nov-30-11 01:41 AM26
- The Occupy Movement Stats & Figures, What are your views? James48 Wed Nov-30-11 12:11 AM0
- 99th Problem Modern_Matthe... Tue Nov-29-11 11:57 PM1
- Beagle Freedom Project - Second Rescue DeSwiss Tue Nov-29-11 11:39 PM1
- Thom Hartmann: (84-year-old) Dorli Rainey on Being Pepper Sprayed alp227 Tue Nov-29-11 10:31 PM0
- Stephen Colbert Interviews Neil deGrasse Tyson at Montclair Kimberley Academy - 2010-Jan-29 baldguy Tue Nov-29-11 10:18 PM6
- I'll Occupy" aka "The 99 is pissed" James48 Tue Nov-29-11 10:03 PM4
- Sanity break: "I'm On My Way" by the Proclaimers. RandySF Tue Nov-29-11 07:57 PM0
- BWHAHAHA: Alec Baldwin as Rick Perry Segami Tue Nov-29-11 07:55 PM0
- Young Turks: Exposed: Fed Bailout of Big Banks Dwarfs TARP (What Occupy Wall Street is About) CherylK Tue Nov-29-11 07:40 PM1
- TDPS: Black Friday shopper uses pepper spray...did Occupy cops mainstream pepper spray usage? celtics23 Tue Nov-29-11 07:27 PM1
- Class Project Results in Adorable, But Bizarre Dont Say Gay PSA Ian David Tue Nov-29-11 07:19 PM1
- Herman Cain's deciding if he'd rather run for President or stay home with his hyperactive penis Amerigo Vespu... Tue Nov-29-11 07:16 PM3
- Man Tells Journalists How to Cover the OWS Movement: Follow the Money votesparks Tue Nov-29-11 06:21 PM3
- Rick Perry flubs Voting Age [Sorry About Ad] _eh Tue Nov-29-11 06:12 PM8
- Glenn Greenwald: Is Obama Fulfilling the Neocon Dream of Mass Regime Change in Muslim World? [View All] The Northerne... Tue Nov-29-11 05:31 PM21
- MSNBC: Ann Coulter censored while discussing McCain _eh Tue Nov-29-11 05:26 PM11
- Why Americans Need Voter Protection _eh Tue Nov-29-11 05:08 PM3
- Thom Hartmann: $7.7 trillion to Wall Street - Anything to keep the Banksters Happy! thomhartmann Tue Nov-29-11 04:36 PM0
- Thom Hartmann: Should Walker get the movers at the WI state capitol on speed dial? thomhartmann Tue Nov-29-11 03:54 PM1
- The Corporation ShockediSay Tue Nov-29-11 03:43 PM2
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