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Old Crank

Profile Information

Name: Ralph
Gender: Male
Current location: München, DE
Member since: Tue Nov 14, 2017, 06:17 AM
Number of posts: 1,441

About Me

Currently living in Germany, enjoying the culture, enjoying the food, enjoying the travel. Not enjoying the winters, or the Deutsches lernen... Born in Canada. Parents moved to Arizona in 1965. Spent 5 years in the USAF and 2 of those on Crete. Lived in Fresno, Las vegas, Sunnyvale, CA.

Journal Archives

I have to apologize to my long gone father

He was always telling us to turn off the light when we left a room to save electricity.
Part of a whole generation of dads ahead of their time, doing their part to save the world.

More from Krampuslauft, 2022 posted in Photography

The second set of photos


More from last year's Krampuslauf in Munich

Just so many costumes to photograph. Fun because most aren't still for any length of time so you need to anticipate a bit. I'm not sure my autofocus is fast enough or picks up what I think it should focus on. I probably get a higher hit rate than when I was shooting film. I would have liked to have a chance of these with Kodachrome or Agfa 50, Velia.
The next big opportunity for costumes will be Fasching, Carnival

One stole my hat. The tease.

Mrs. Crank wasn't going easy... look at the crowd behind them.

How warm has it been in Munich?

We had snow for a couple of days before Christmas, but it warmed up and that was all gone for Christmas weekend. Today while I was out walking dog with friends I saw two flowering trees. These are past their prime so they bloomed a couple or so days ago.
Munich. Before mid-January....
Will be interesting to see how the rest of the season goes.

From December crossposted on photography

Krampuslauf Munich 2022


Pulled the nearly full "roll" out of my camera

I am finally posting pictures from this year's Munich Krampuslauf. These are from December.
this is a fun event. Krampus come out of the mountains and punish those who have misbehaved during the year.
The costumes can be quite hot but this day was -2 C so being in one of these was a good thing.
Trying to cull down the number of shots took some time.

Here they come.

Some ones in trouble.

You've been a bad boy

Has the Constitution been read

In its entirety yet? Do we have hearings scheduled for Biden's laptop?

One of our supermarkets has

A couple of premade Indian sauces. Butter chicken and tika masala. Good flavor and spice amount. Yes spicy in Germany.
Just add your protein. I also add onion, potato cubes and sometimes bell peppers. Serve over rice.
They help me cut my meat amounts for health, mine and earth, and cost.

Are there any that you have tried and liked in the US?.

I'm heading back for a month and might be doing some cooking.

McCarthy, perhaps prematurely

moved to the Speaker's offices.
If he doesn't get teh speakership that means he will have to move again.
Wonder if there will be any room for him in this congress's GOP leadership.
He could get the small office by one of the bathrooms with no views.
Hoping, hoping...

Wonders of nature

Never heard of these gulper eels or penguin eels.
These things live 1,000 plus meters down and reflect almost no light.
The video is amazing.

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