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jls4561's Journal
jls4561's Journal
October 25, 2023

Maybe we should start a rumor that the second coming will take place in Ukraine

In order to persuade the House Goppers to vote for the funding.

October 18, 2023

OK, the new format looks very nice, but the real test will come Sunday morning...

When we all look for SCE’s LOL cats post.

I am one of those people who just pushes whatever button to see where it takes me, but I’m willing to learn.

October 11, 2023

Apologies to Rowan Atkinson and all fans of his reading this...

Whenever I see Scalise on TV or hear his name, I also hear a phrase from the Black Adder the song.
Da da da, da da da - you horrid little man.

Of course, this description could also apply to Gym Jordan, or the tiny bow tie man who is serving as interim speaker.

Horrible ear worm- only goes away if I pause and visualize Hakeem Jeffries.

August 5, 2023

Attainder: my fantasy after a Shakespeare binge

I’m currently watching “The Hollow Crown”. I’m getting it through Roku and Apple TV, in case you Shakespeare fans out there want to know. I’m liking it.

England once had something called attainder as punishment for treason. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attainder. So basically you could be stripped of all your lands, riches, titles at the whim of the crown, because treason could basically be defined as defying anything the king wanted in those days. Parliament had to sanction it, but they pretty much went along. Now, the US constitution forbids attainder, because it reeks of absolute monarchy.

But let us dream that such a thing were possible for treason. Of course, Congress should not accede to such an act, least it be abused by those such as TFG, but let’s say it were possible.
All tRump’s money is seized, and attainder forbids children inheriting. All lands are seized - Merde a Lardo could be sold to finance a manatee sanctuary. Bedminster could become a public cemetery (after Ivana’s coffin is thoroughly searched and decently reinterred). All Scottish properties would be converted to a wind farm. Trump Tower is converted into an antifascistt museum.

Stripping of titles would put an end to the pretentious fallacy that TFG is entitled to any vestige of privilege the office he once held. No Secrets Service, no pension, no right to have something like the Presidential Seal on the tawdry merchandise he hawks at his hyped up Putt Putt venues. And maybe Israel could finally get the archaeological treasures it lent the White House (not lent you personally, Donnie!) returned.

Of course, attainder for treason often involved execution and while one would hope BLOTUS would commit seppuku via paper cut from one of his precious, beautiful mind boxes, but it could also involve exile. The Saudis might christen Skankvanka the duke and Duchess of Bonesaw and allow them to live there, but after they saw Jared’s performance with their sovereign investment fund, they throw them out. The family could flee to Kim Jong Un, but he would toss them after he found none of them could play basketball worth a damn. I guess Ivanka could call Putin and remind Uncle Vlad of the time he let her sit in the big chair. Vlad would say he had better lap dances, and adamantly declare “Nyet, no Kimberley Guilfoyle!” Vlad offers sanctuary if Jr And Gums will bring their guns and fight in his Ukrainian invasion, but the boys have seen “Hogan’s Heroes” reruns and will not go to the Russian Front. Their post on Twitter reads “We will only sign up to kill defenseless (and preferably endangered) animals.

So penniless, friendless, and homeless, the family wanders the world, hoping for pity. Until finally, Mark Meadows offers a trailer in the NC mountains from which he illegally voted. But they cannot remain after being declared highly undesirable aliens, and face deportation yet again. In a final desperate move, they seek refuge in Slovenia,where Melania persuades the government to allow “chain migration” on the condition that there will be “No fooking Christmas decorations, okay?”

July 16, 2023

Question about fund raising numbers

My inbox gets requests for donations to various Democratic politicians, some of which elicit a donation.

Some say “Please help us reach our goal before the deadline.” I understand that there are dates when a candidate has to report to the FEC, but what does it matter if I donate before or after that deadline? I know some debates have fund raising criteria. I assume that if a candidate generates X number of dollars it creates momentum to bring in more dollars. I can guess that a campaign might say “Yeah, we met the fundraising goal, we can now buy more ads in our target market.”

Can someone more politically savvy than
I am tell me why it is so important that a candidate to meet his or her monthly/quarterly goal?

Thanks for your help.

May 28, 2023

How come every time I see a picture of Kevin McCarthy, he is flanked by an entourage and

Whoever is in that picture with him, be it Congressional staff, fellow house rep, or average citizen,
always looks like a house elf waiting to be handed a sock?

Except MTG, of course - she always has an expression that says “I got both your socks, Kev, and I ain’t giving them back!”

April 3, 2023

It's not a perp walk...

It’s a perp WADDLE.

Let’s be accurate, people.

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