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Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 01:04 PM
Number of posts: 37,427

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What percentage of general election voters vote for a candidate "just like me" ?

I know there is no specific answer to this, but I've wondered, based on the improbable "election" of GWB, the loss of Adlai Stevenson, the loss of Carter, etc.

It seems to me to be a very high percentage.

Is the argh emoticon working yet ?

It has not been working in my signature line.

Running a RAID5 array with 2 SSD's and a mechanical hard drive under XP possible ?

My son is using one of my old computers which has two SSD's. He added an old mechanical hard drive for storage of his videos and MP3's.

I'm being lazy here, but is there any way he can run the SSD's as a RAID5 array and the mechanical hard drive under Windows XP ? He's already tried and XP cannot see the mechanical hard drive. So far I've left him alone to figure this out, but now I'm curious. Thanks a lot for your time.


When are posts or threads actually deleted, rather than hidden ?

I think the beauty of hiding posts is that they can still be read, if one wishes to. I think deletion is much more serious and worthy of discussion, if people deem it unfair.

Huntsman's stab at Romney: 10kbet.com !


Did the corporate media ever interview GWB as intensely as the CBS interview of Obama ?

Perhaps my memory is faulty, but I don't ever remember the corporate media EVER interviewing GWB as "non-softball" as Steve Kroft did with President Obama. I think Obama handled the interview very well. My only point here is, liberal media my ass. I think the bias is extremely clear. Interview ALL Presidents of ALL parties with equal intensity.

Same level of political apathy in UK as in USA or less ?

Thanks once again for your patience with my Yank questions.

I love watching PMQ, moreso than my own Congress. Is the level of political apathy the same in the UK as in the USA or is it less ? I find the PMQ very enlightening about the real differences between Cameron and Labor, etc.

I like the jury feature

I normally lurk or post news articles, and the jury feature helps me feel more connected to the community. I admit, on one post I was too harsh and voted to hide it. I learned from my mistake. I will be much more lenient in the future.

I can see where the jury feature could be abused in theory, but I have faith that the vast majority of DU'ers will take my attitude and really try to assume a "real life" attitude towards the jury duty. My value is towards greater freedom of expression and of debate, and I think the vast majority of DU'ers share my value.

Just my $0.02. Thank you for reading.


"hard-line communists"

Reference: DU3 Terms of Service at http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=termsofservice

I'm not a communist, but as one can see on DU2 GD, this phrase has sparked some discussion.

Any admins care to discuss this ? I'm simply curious.
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