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Gay Rights Group Files Complaint Against Twitter For Allowing ‘A Homophobic Atmosphere’

Nurse Suspected of Killing Up to 46 Kids Set to Leave Prison

Is Bill de Blasio The Future of Progressive Politics In The Democratic Party?

I just received this email...

Absurdity Today: This is What Monsanto Considers 'Good' News Ep 44 with Julianna Forlano

Ok, I don't stream but I do rent dvd's from Netflix.

"We don’t think the government’s statutory interpretations are even remotely correct. But now that

What Caused NBC’s Meet The Press to Fall Behind Face The Nation and This Week?

Theory of the Leisure Class

Israeli Racism And American Jewish Hypocrisy

Israel Proudly Displays Separation Fence To Arriving Tourists

In case anyone is close to the WI border, I received this email...

NASA's Juno Spacecraft Is Halfway to Jupiter

Florida man arrested, accused of threats against president, family

RED ALERT!!! RED ALERT!!! Tobin's college career may be in dire straits!!!

Kali puts them in a walk-in freezer for 30mins, then gives them to her horses as a hot-weather treat

"Genius" -- It's not what you've been told it is all these years.

Life's lemons -- the OTHER perspective:

MFM has bought the DU Cafeteria and has printed out a new menu. He's gonna make a fucking FORTUNE!!!

I'm MiddleFingerMom, the sailor man!!!

Just informed my 83 year old mother that her favorite son is no longer welcome...............

How about we start a picture association thread. I'll start...

Booker, Lonegan Win NJ Special US Senate Primaries

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Sweet Home Alabama? & a new Kitteh gif

I don't want a "tiny" house. I think i'd go crazy. Not because I want a lot of stuff, or

Is it wrong to think that Snowden is a criminal AND the NSA needs massive reform?

Plastic Jesus

According to a study by Public Policy Polling


I don't want a "tiny" house. I think i'd go crazy. Not because I want a lot of stuff, or

5 ways a 14-year-old crushed an arrogant interviewer

House Of Cards - Corporate Deform in America - Trailer by BATA

Congress: "Enough Work"

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Newark Mayor Cory Booker's Win

OK, my body is SCREAMING for Fish Tacos, so please give this recipe "thumbs up" or "thumbs down"...

Help me out here - what did we call it when we took people from other countries and

How NSA surveillance endangers the Fourth Amendment

Another Obamacare delay...

Putin (smote by "God")

"CNN projects that Newark Mayor Cory Booker will win the Democratic primary"

The Latest Right-Wing Freakout Over Obamacare

In Stubborn Red States, Outside Groups Are Stepping In To Teach Americans About Obamacare

Former Stasi Reaction to NSA “You know, for us, this would have been a dream come true”

I love Crows and the latest research is astonishing.

Russia and Olympic Committee agree: Don't be openly gay at the Olympics

A link to the New Jersey Special Election RESULTS (97.9% reporting so far)

Women of courage - in Wisconsin

FBI, NSA, and CIA directors chuckle at ‘presumption of privacy’ question

This is sad. This is pathetic.

Democrats for New York City Mayor meet in key debate

This is another case of police tyrannical behavior.

Stem cells turned into cancer-killing immune cells

Rodeo fans, conservatives back controversial Obama skit

Data visualization: Mapping Scott Walker's donors

Best saxophone in a song. I'll start

How Humans might look after 100,000 years of evolution

Israel Releases 26 Palestinian Prisoners, to Cheers and Anguish

Passage of Medical MJ Laws Associated With Reduced Number of Alcohol-Related Traffic Fatalities

Two Chicago men face prison for assisting Zimbabwe’s fight against sanctions

Cory stop trying to sound like President Obama

Mrs. Venation by ambulance to ER

Jason Patric Inspires Controversial Legislation Over Sperm Donor Parental Rights

Chief Kessler defends ‘libtards’ rant: ‘Cops are there to clean up the mess’

Sarpy Outlook TV - Episode 6

India may import more Iran oil within UN rules: Chidambaram

Earth at Boiling Point Silence before the Storm

Weird story about a baby panda bear.

"The GOP's Politics of Subtraction"

Looks like CONGRESS has got off the hook over the over-surveillance?

Failed at homemade ricotta tonight.

"Assume a Scandal"

Maureen Moss -The God of Your Being

"Houston, we've spotted a Cruz missle."

Someone Finally Called Out Oprah For Buying a $38,000 Handbag

"Death Panels and the Apparatchik Mindset"

Cool, relatively cheap, collectible cars from Pebble Beach

Is Obamacare right for America ?

Corbett "Forgets" to Disclose His Vacation Home in Hilton Head, while he is promoting PA. Tourism

GOP Largely Guilty Of Reckless Endangerment And Manslaughter.

The Wall Street Economy - vs - The Wage Earner Economy

I found two more contemporary Country artists I like.

FBI investigating apparent bomb threat left at Rep. Elijah Cummings' office

Miami FBI ‘stings’ two alleged al-Qaida supporters in Internet chat room

"Intelligence Means Having More Than Just Raw Brainpower"

Charlatans drummer Jon Brookes dies aged 44

Anyone use flower essence for depression or anxiety

Anthropologists Study Testosterone Spikes in Non-Competitive Activities

My dog Jessie J makes some ugly faces when she is being moved

Judge’s Ruling on Stop-and-Frisk Confirms Policy’s Racial Bias...

The woman who apologized to Obama after first trashing Obamacare?

Christina Hendricks Would Like to Be on Game of Thrones, Please


There are ads on a Milwaukee station...

1 hostage freed, 2 still held at gunpoint inside rural Louisiana bank

Oprah never bought a $38k handbag

My calendar is all screwed up again!

Youth deliver on the blessings.

Wisconsin Capitol Police Just Keep Arresting Everyone (and great singing)

New Jersey is screwed.

Bloomberg wants cameras on everyone --- except the NYPD. Order That Police Wear Cameras Stirs

Skinner can we get a storytelling section on the DU? For humourous, human stories

Will someone PLEASE show me in "Obamacare" that it says..

To everyone who has me on ignore:

"What do you know about surfing, Major?"

"The End of the Evangelical Era"

Veteran for Peace Threatened With Arrest for Observing Sing Along

They have that power

I feel like I can breathe again!

I Think I Know What NSA Did to Trigger Lavabit Closure

Guys, guys, guys! The forum needs some life.

Call in to Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf's office at 415-396-7018. Tell him to stop the Garcias' evict

About how love can suck.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, August 15, 2013 -- Summer Under The Stars -- Gregory Peck

Ted Hawkins - Sorry You're Sick

Post a picture of something you want:

Venezuela's Maduro to seek decree powers in graft fight

2013 OST Alcohol Referendum Vote

Trail of Blood Leads Police to Major San Francisco Ecstasy Drug Bust

Preliminary results on referendum to legalize alcohol on the Pine Ridge reservation.

Airline Mergers Have Already Led to Higher Fares.

Can the City of Fresno be prevented from bulldozing downtown homeless encampments, on 8/26 ?

Stupid Gun Nut on Piers Morgan saying GUn Control is a "War on Women"

Can the City of Fresno be prevented from bulldozing downtown homeless encampments, on 8/26 ?

Ecuador: Clampdown on Civil Society

My 1/2 bath flooded tonight.

"Finance took over and more or less wrecked the place."

Argentine primary makes Fernandez lame-duck leader

Occupy Sandy visits Sen. Rand Paul at NY fundraiser

Did anyone else see....

Who is burning down the Fresno Homeless Encampments?

Hospital reverses decision on new heart for 15 year old.

Anthony Weiner Says Comments About Wife's Role With Hillary Clinton Were 'A Joke'

What are things men should just know?

Blood in the Water - Lance Armstrong Sued Over Book

Dumb Criminals: Conmen Try To Pass Off Ice As IPads To Collect Insurance On Melted Items

Beijing cracks down on bizarre apartment-top villa

Have a new laptop. On Netflix (only) the sound starts to lag behind

So, if I acknowledge that $38,000

Day 37: California's Prison Hunger Strike: Where's the Truth?

Lester Chambers claims attack was hate crime

Why We Participated in the 1936 Nazi Games: Lessons for Sochi

Obese mothers' babies face bigger risk of early death, says report

I am loving this weather tonight here in NYC. I live a few blocks from the harbor and the breeze...

Fukushima - they are planning to move fuel rods from the hottest spent storage pool in Nov. (scary)

I was watching "Frontline" last night, and noticed something.

Eighteen Indian sailors trapped after explosion, fire on submarine

"Sierra Club accuses Christie administration of hiding its own report on climate change"

Group Focused on Goverment Ethics Puts Scott Walker on List of “Worst Governors in America”

Jesus Christ.. All the problems Obama is having with the implementation of his Affordable Healthcare

No Weed, Just Weeds. A SWAT Raid in Texas.

U.S. attorney under scrutiny for Facebook posts

CCSF accrediting team faces its own possible demise

Omar Khadr held illegally in federal prison, lawyer argues

Time to Get Clean: You are an Addict

If/when Cory Booker wins the October election... a bit of history

NSA cutting staff since Snowden’s disclosures

Egyptian Security Forces Kill 30 Pro-Morsi Protesters, Says Muslim Brotherhood

I posted an OP in Politics2013 regarding African-American U.S. Senators, link below

Good picture from "Googlemaps"

Guadalupe River is going dry in places

Been eating a mixture of broccoli, carrots,

Here Are All Of The Nations That Incarcerate More Of Their Population Than The U.S.

Somewhere, in the ether, J. Edgar Hoover is smiling coyly, and looking through yet one more

CROWS -- Wanted by the police all over the country!!!

Shrimp boats killing sea turtles in Guatemala

Journalist shot at in Guatemala (He was SHOT)

Campbell draws Republican challenger

Ted Cruz’s dad says same-sex marriage is part of socialist plot

Ted Cruz’s dad says same-sex marriage is part of socialist plot

Chile will upgrade old patrol aircraft rather than buy new ones

Howard Dean on Drones, MEK & NSA Spying, Healthcare

TYT:How Congressmen Are Bought

20 condors apparently poisoned with insecticide high in Andes of Chile; 2 of giant birds die

A dirty black hole

I'm in the supermarket and I'm approaching a VERY pregnant 16-20 year old young woman...

Quick question: Were non-Black minorities also considered "colored" when segregation was legal?

Irony Alert: Pentagon Now Sees Big Data as 'National Security Threat

Man Whose Dog Was Fatally Shot By Hawthorne Police Pleads Not Guilty To Felony Charges

Why would a high school have an indoor rifle range?

University Of Southern California Mislabels Sexual Assaults As ‘Personal Injuries’

Reagan came to Washington, and his buddies realized they could make a buck off of unemployed America

Occupy credit cards

"Terrorists come in all sizes and like to hide in caves" (toon)

the heritage puppets latest move

U.S. Soldier Manning Could Break Silence as WikiLeaks Trial Nears End

August 14: National Creamsicle Day

12 Old Words that Survived by Getting Fossilized in Idioms

So let me get this right - according to CNN the Security forces are

(psst... I think we're winning)

5 Myths Used to Justify Death By Drone and America's Assassination Policy

Corporate America's New Profit Center: Put as Many People in Jail as Possible

746 Million Bananas Can Fit in 1 Container Ship Inside the Virtually Unknown World That Supplies 90%

Don’t vote for Cory Booker today

Gunman and hostage killed in Louisiana bank standoff

California man behind anti-Islam film released to halfway house

all time fav video on the internet

Populist Insurgency in New York City - Washington Post Op-Ed

Harford school officials defend bus service cuts, new fees in face of more criticism Monday

The boys hanging out last night.

200 Years of Books Prove That City-Living Changes Our Psychology

Afghanistan: MP Fariba Ahmadi Kakar abducted in Ghazni

Righting the wrong

All I can say is that I'm glad I don't drink Red Bull

I blame the patriarchy

UPS cargo plane crashes, explodes at Alabama airport

does the U.S. pay families when drones kill innocent Yemenis?

Joy for Ireland as Heffernan spoils Russian party

AFL-CIO aiming at GOP governors in 2014

Who’s afraid of a little sodomy? Mark Morford

Bitching about retro foods and Texas heat

Elecrocuted Solider Suit Revived Against KBR

If Democrats want to win in 2014 ...

TV whiplash. Try it!

How do you wash your raccoon?

Do you know of any private online groups...

The (Renamed) 'Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation'

Sequestration Ushers In A Dark Age For Science In America

Two Koreas agree to restart shuttered factory park

Complete text of the NYC Stop and Frisk ruling:

UN: Hamas Must Halt Prisoner Executions in Gaza

Al Jazeera highlights key features at main pro-Morsi sit-in Cairo's Nasr City area(Interactive)

American Runner Dedicates Moscow Silver Medal To His Gay Friends Amid Russia's Anti-Gay Crackdown

Alien Planet Eclipse Seen In X-Ray Light: A Cosmic First.

Air Force nuclear unit fails security test

Ohio election officials cover up for illegal voting by police

Saw this on Facebook! If you live in Columbus, OH FYI (Dr. Bob Fitrakis ROCKS!)

Zardoz, biding his time while on vacay...

The same goes for me as well...

Breakfast of Champions...

Depression Classic Brought Poverty Into the Light

Does raw milk taste better?

Texas Says: We Won’t Discriminate, We Just Want to Rig Elections

Bo . . . Trying to Make Fetch Happen

Oh... to be wept over by Oprah and ogled by Friedman. Let the "nauseum" commence.

I guess the motor skills are the first to go

american coup: North Carolinians Fear the End of a Middle Way

One-Pot to Prep Biomass for Biofuels

It should come in black as well, like my soul...

The Budget Deficit Is Shrinking Rapidly And Most Americans Don’t Know It

Bring on the zombies!

this is today's Republican

I'm praying for....!

Plastic Solar Cells' New Design Promises Bright Future

Towards a more perfect union

Win, lose or draw, always fight back!

Lucky-sperm-club-Luke-Russert looks gaunt...

Talk by Republicans about Replacing Corbett has Disappeared, because Corbett has new Messengers


Pasta wit salmon and red pepper

Touristy Prez Stuff

pretty good guess where all that tear gas comes from

Pentagon To Announce Equal Benefits For Married Gay Couples

BREAKING: Russia Minister confirms Olympic athletes will be arrested at Sochi under anti-gay law

When Schools Become Dead Zones of the Imagination: A Critical Pedagogy Manifesto

Northrop Builds Rental Drones For Air Force, Customs Training

Wife Coroborates with reporters: CIA Director Brennan Was Michael Hasting's Next Expose Project

Robert Reich: Why the Anger?

Army veteran kicked off North Wildwood boardwalk by police because of service dog

The way it is...

NJ DEP: Climate Change in New Jersey: Temperature, Precipitation, Extreme Events and Sea Level

Almost No One Voted in New Jersey - turnout will be well under 10% of registered voters

Strange that so few people get that...

Ending Stop-and-Frisk, Keeping the Racism

Baltimore police officer got a call about a ‘vicious’ pit bull and this is what happened next

Lac-Megantic: Arsenic @ 28X Federal Limit In Surface Water, Polycyclic Hydrocarbons 394,444X Limit

Dems must get it right in this fall’s spending fights

Today's Science Fact...

Papantonio: The Horrifying New Wall Street Scam

Temperature Records Collapsing Across Japan; 105.8 In Kochi Prefecture Highest On Record

I find it so interesting

Jack Germond dead at 85.

Raytheon Sees Potential Boost For Military Tech Sales In Climate Collapse, Drought, Destabilization

Sherrod Brown Petition: 78 more years of Social Security

If Obama Wanted an 'Open Debate' on NSA Spying, Why Thwart One for so Long?

China's January-June Tourism Numbers Down 5% YOY; Visitors To Beijing Down 15% For Same Period

People who blame Snowden for running should applaud Manning for staying.

The Expectations Management Team is fully staffed today.

WOLVERINE vs. PREDATOR - Super Power Beat Down

NYC: More and More commuters working in the outerboroughs: Data

'We Lend $$$ We Don't Have-To Kids Who Can't Pay It Back & Train Them For Jobs That No Longer Exist'


L.A.'s airport train that doesn't go to the airport

Why the media and the "moderate" Democrats have it wrong.

UPS aircraft crashed in Alabama

But they work hard for their money........

Egypt declares monthlong state of emergency

A look at how it's made: Dyson's Proving Ground

Pesticides Taking Toll on Farmworkers

New film slated for release this fall--Benedict Cumberbatch=Julian Assange

Miltary Coups always turn out so well: At least 150 killed as troops clear pro-Morsi camps

Sky News cameraman Mick Deane shot and killed in Egypt

Papantonio: Progressives Learn From Tea Party Playbook

NYT editorial: Smarter Sentencing

U.S. soldier Manning could break silence as WikiLeaks trial nears end

Here Are All Of The Nations That Incarcerate More Of Their Population Than The U.S.

White People Support Academic Meritocracy When It Benefits Them, Study Suggests

Your AM Russian gay Olympic implosion update

Administration Argues NSA Domestic Surveillance is Lawful; President Supports FISA Court Adversary

Bernie Sander's poll: Rate the Fed, the NSA and more ...

An Egyptian woman stands between a wounded youth and a bulldozer during clashes in Egypt today.

Lindsey Graham Challenger Calls Him 'A Community Organizer For The Muslim Brotherhood'

On August 14, 1935, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act

Oooh! SpaceX's latest Grasshopper test - this one's pretty cool!

The whistleblowers at the frontier of digital liberation

Going to the Olympics may be more Useful than Boycotting them

Doggy has heart murmur and enlarged heart...

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 14, 1935

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 14, 1935

ALEC - Recognizing the Large and Growing Need for Commercial Nuclear Energy

Bacteria in drinking water are key to keeping it clean

WOOHOO..I did it!!!..

Watch Werner Herzog's Devastating Documentary on Texting While Driving

Texas cops raid farm commune when mistaking tomato plants for marijuana

today in women's herstory-14 august

from Elizabeth Warren

Mrs. Venation update

Chicks on the Right: Here's what real feminism looks like!

'Feminists are Sexist'

People Power: Young Greeks Team Up to Combat Crisis

It's where the money is ... (toon)

There is an election in 2014!!!! It's 2013...what comes sooner? 2016 or 2014?

Rude Pundit - Rude Pundit Vacation Rerun #2: The Same People Saying the Same Shit About Immigration

23 years today

Good morning

Pic Of The Moment: Rep. Steve King's Anti-Immigration Rally Draws Massive Turnout

Stuck in the mental goo. so much I could do....but I don't feel like doing any of it!

Dying teen put on the transplant list after being rejected...something to ponder

Have you signed George Takei 's petition in support of our LGBT brothers & sisters?...

Post your weird dreams.

No Longer Denied Transplant: Teen Added to Heart Donor List

The Quiet Gay-Rights Revolution in America's Churches

When only 10% or less show up for an election, the no whining rule goes into effect.

Liberals Un-Endorse Cory Booker Just as He Becomes a Shoo-in for Senate

A new sense of urgency for energy cane and other energy crops

The Beauty of Obama’s Clapper Appointment

Bennett: "The Far-Right Brothers"

Obama administration response to Egyptian violence looks little and late; and unheeded

Intelligence committee urged to explain if they withheld crucial NSA document

Your Education Is Only Worth $10 - No Matter How Much You Have

Why would President Obama appoint Gen Clapper to investigate himself?

This should get interesting.

Texas cops raid farm commune when mistaking tomato plants for marijuana

Musk's Hyperloop math doesn't add up

Likely Labor regs would aid vets, disabled, unions

White House Condemns Violence In Egypt

Meanwhile, the truly independent board set up to watch over spying programs is ignored

How Tom Friedman is a modern day Ayn Rand

it's August 14 in Virginia, and it's 67 degrees outside at noon. WTF?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- GOP, Justice and Banksters

U.S. charges two men with fraud in 'London Whale' scandal

Forget John Galt - who is Elon Musk?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Google Claims Gmail Users Have No ‘Reasonable Expectation’ Their Emails Are Private

Coke to Defend Safety of Aspartame in New Ad

Rangers release Manny Ramirez from AAA contract

After Destroying Newspapers, The Internet Is Now Poised To Disrupt Television

Corporate Lobbying Group ALEC Put Falsified Signatures On A Letter To A Senator, Group Finds

Obama pushes ambitious Internet access plan for schools

Egypt's VP Mohamed ElBaradei has resigned to protest violent crackdown on Morsi supporters

DEA Feeds Wiretap Info To Local Law Enforcement, Instructs Them To Lie About It

People who advocate mass murder are disgusting

Hannah Anderson Breaks Her Silence Online, Says Kidnapper Deserved To Die

ElBaradei quits as Egypt vice president in protest at crackdown

Tweet from Judd Legum (Editor-in-Chief of Think Progress)

A lobotomy would be a waste. Please come CAPTION Sarah Palin!!!

Egypt: VP Mohamed ElBaradei resigns to protest violent crackdown on pro-Morsi sit-in camps

Forget John Galt - who is Elon Musk?

New York Times website goes down. Website back up

Mr. President, just what is a "bad guy"?

As haze clears, are American opinions on marijuana reaching tipping point?

Kal Penn? You Racist, Bro?

Watch OFA's new video calling out climate deniers

Dumb Criminals: Man Caught With Cocaine After Calling Cops For Needing Assistance In Forest Lot

SOUTHWEST: A former soldier receives artificial heart

Testing, testing, 123. Food Fight!

How Old Are Your Ears? (Hearing Test)

The FBI’s 2010 Mortgage Fraud Report Reveals Why the Banksters Love Holder

Democracy is Dead.

Killing time for a living. Killing minds for the feeling. Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!

The Criminal Republican North Carolina Voter ID Law is The REAL....

dozens of members of the press beaten and detained by Egyptian military- 3 dead.

So, conservatives are now apparently rallying in support of a clown.

Travis assistant DA charged with DWI

Last Gasp of The Racist Right: N.C. Gov. Signs Sweeping Voter Suppression

Hillary Clinton: NC Voter ID Bill 'Reads Like The Greatest Hits Of Voter Suppression'

Congress Isn’t ‘Exempt’ From ObamaCare

Forget About Liberal Democracy In Egypt – And Expect More Violence

Chairman says Texas Dems have much building to do

Behavioral determinism is physically and biologically unavoidable.

Source: New York Times website hit by a cyber attack

Just months after closing 50 schools, Chicago issues RFP for more charter schools

Pentagon announces implementation of spousal benefits for gay troops

Voters to decide on $217M Astrodome bond issue

Retractable roof coming for US Open

Should GD hosts vote to leave or lock cute kitteh

Tweet from Goldie Taylor: Daym right

Bra Sizes Of Detroit Female Cops Mistakenly Emailed To Entire Detroit Police Department

John Lewis: "I think today (Hillary Clinton) is most qualified person in America to be president"

ALEC's Unwelcome Party in Chicago

I was watching this last night and I can't get it out of my head.

Here we go round the Nutberry bush. . . .Please come CAPTION Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.)!!

While waiting for Green Day, something happened at the Emirates Stadium in London

Is anyone interested in this project?

Judge Sentences Jesse Jackson Jr. To 30 Months In Prison

The Rape of Detroit: City as Forced to Default so Rich Could Profit

Chomsky: My CIA file “minor peccadillo” compared to today

Texas A&M University officially acquires Texas Wesleyan University law school

Photos from Egypt. VERY GRAPHIC WARNING - it's a link, pics not in thread

Israel Strikes Gaza As Talks With Palestinians Due To Resume

Democracy is so icky sometimes, isn't it, what with people expressing their opinions

Eurozone's Longest-Ever Recession Comes To An End

Sen. Sanders: Here's the simple truth

Obama On UN Disability Treaty: ‘Get It Done’

Eight Ways Obamacare Helps You

How Overpaid CEOs Escape the Spotlight

White House Insists James Clapper Will Not Lead NSA Surveillance Review

Study shows Jim Crow-era segregation persists in Texas schools

Rick Perry supporters organize to raise money for national campaign

Rick Perry supporters organize to raise money for national campaign

Faith in humanity ...

Yey! Ms. Magazine's new cover! Senator Wendy R. Davis

Some interesting maps...

Got to tell the Cherokee Purple story for NPR blog "the salt"

very funny take off by a talented comedienne...

Puerto Rico to Debate New Gay Rights, Gender Bills

Cowboys' Dez Bryant blasts NCAA, would be mad if Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel not punished

If you blame the decline of America on:

wow, comcast isn't complete shit for once

Texas home price increases may be getting out of hand

Why America is so Angry

Durbin Responds to Critics of ‘Stand Your Ground’ Queries

Gay Marriage Shows States Luring Discriminated Couples

THIS is the truth!! Just ask Dubya...

Cement Co. Says that if Pipeline Forced Through Their Property, they will lose millions in materials

NYC Stop-&-Frisk Ruled Unconstitutional

Who Was Aristotle’s Daughter?

Edward Snowden's Dad: My Son Has Sacrificed More Than Obama

Texas Windstorm Ins Ass votes against levying assessments against insurance companies

Effects Of Climate Change Growing Drastically

Thom Hartmann: How Ayn Rand Became a Hero to Right Wing Nerds

A grand solar minimum would barely make a dent in human-caused global warming

Franklin’s Leap of Faith

I have come to the conclusion that republicans

Russian lawmaker: Gay activists must die for 'extremism'

Report: U.S. Solar Market is Thriving

Interesting interview with psychologist Karen Franklin about gay bashing

‘Fat man’ of political journalism Jack Germond dies at age 85

The New Birthers: Republican Ted Cruz's Presidential Eligibility Questioned

San Francisco split by Silicon Valley's wealth

Mike Giglio, Daily Beast Reporter: Egypt’s Government Thugs Beat Me Up at the Rabaa Sit-In

Witness: Chaos and blood as Egypt forces storm protest camp

Favorite Bear? Go!

OMG! Anybody remember Jim Bakker?

Walter Rhett: Presidential Petitions

Know your Fallacies!


JFK's Retro-Futuristic Pan Am Terminal Is Slowly Being Demolished

Do you want a place to tell your stories on the DU? We all have a few of these amazing

3 more sue Wis. police for illegal strip searches

Now DOJ whitewashes Holder speech on that task force lie.

ElBaradei quits as Egypt vice president in protest at crackdown

If Colin Powell were a Repub President, would the Missouri Clown have done the same thing?

STUDY: Households Facing ObamaCare "Rate Shock" Will Get an Average of $2,672 In Free Money

As military makes its move, forget about liberal democracy in Egypt

Crimes Jesses Jackson Jr. Convicted Of Are The Usual Practice Of GOPPERS

The Effects of Citizens United Is Like Sports Without Rules

BREAKING: Russia fears new Western military secret weapon!

By Request: U.S. Population by Age (earlier was by distribution), 1900 through 2060

Why are the right-wingers still beating this dead horse?

British Woman Leaves Nearly £420K (USD $651K) To Whichever Government Is In Power

New Zealand Woman Drives And Texts For Nearly 300KM While Asleep

Cloning Research Produces Flourescent Green Rabbits (video)

Special Report: Syngenta's campaign to protect atrazine, discredit critics.

Sharkception: Shark Caught Off Delaware Shores Eating Another Shark

Pictures from our garden.

Critics react to Obama's proposed surveillance reforms

I want the money, the job, and her

One of my nephews graduated from college with no student loan debt

S. Korea; Nuclear Reactors' Falsified Safety Certificates; Post Fukushima

The Backyard Shock Doctrine

Down Memory lane with the lady complaining about Deer crossing signs

Things You Would Swear You Saw or Heard, but Didn't


A Comic’s Take On Killer Whale Training

German Utilities Hammered in Market Favoring Renewables

Sky News Cameraman Killed In Egypt

The Indian Wars: News from the front lines. is down OMG call out the army


What's for Dinner, Wed., Aug. 14

Egypt unrest: Muslim Brotherhood 'fired on police'

Russian TV presenter comes out on air, is fired

How well is North America dealing with trade and environment after 20 years of NAFTA ?

About the celebrity Florida boycott.

(WOW) Obamacare cuts $716 billion from Medicare over the next decade...

Citing Sunlight Foundation report, watchdog groups file complaint against Santorum

Civil Disobedience as Law Enforcement: Holding Gov't Accountable re: Its Own Claims to Legitimacy

Ron Johnson, other Republicans say government shutdown unlikely

An interesting unscientific poll:

Thom Hartmann: What To Do When You No Longer Need Your Slaves?

Cuba's Fidel Castro: didn't expect to live to 87

Never do anything against conscience even if the state demands it. ~ Albert Einstein

Hezbollah Leader: We Bombed Israeli Soldiers

Kerry looks both naive and ineffective

I do not support what Manning did (release thousands of diplomatic cables) but

Texas prosecutor's Facebook posts about Obama, Trayvon Martin being reviewed

Mika Brzezinski's new book "Obsessed" is not bad.

Brady hurt

Cuba's Fidel Castro: Didn't Expect to Live to 87

Dewhurst Campaign Owes Vendors Nearly $1 Million

Wanna Know What Just Made This 6'1" 275 lb He-Man Cry?

Remarks by Secretary of State John Kerry on Egypt

Happy 78th birthday, Social Security!

I attended my Teabagger rep's town hall today

Biggest Ethics Reforms Died on Governor's Desk

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is not about free trade. It's a corporate coup d'etat--against us!

ATTPAC (of Dallas) announces discounted ticket lottery for ‘The Book of Mormon’

The wait is driving me nuts!!!!!

The Paranoid Style in Texas Politics

Earth orbit changes were key to Antarctic warming that ended last ice age

Food Bank CEO Responds to a Fox News Attack on Food Stamps

Did Neanderthals teach modern humans about tools?

Obama Nominates Liar to Lead NSA Review

Let the Million Flowers Bloom...and Fuck the Haters

Extreme weather events fuel climate change

Deaths in brutal massacre of unarmed protesters in Cairo expected to rise "much higher" than 130


What if the largest countries had the biggest populations...

Peggy Noonan: Obama should defend the rodeo clown

GOP Congressman Argues Against Multiculturalism: 'There’s Only One Race Here, It’s The American Race

Fast food joint pays workers $12 an hour, and lives to tell the tale

How to Avoid Getting a Job in Today's Job Market

Russian TV Presenter Comes Out on Air, Gets Fired

my health insurance premium is going up 15%, how about yours ?

Jason Dufner on 'Stern': Sabbatini rubs pros the wrong way

Electronic Privacy Information Center amicus brief (Supreme Court)

Oh Grate

Frat FAIL: Dartmouth Frat That Inspired Animal House Under Investigation For Bloods & Crips Party

The non-profit community needs the participation of more men.

Va. gun crime drops again as firearm sales soar

‘Too sexy’ for Ayatollah? Iranian councilor banned for ‘model’ looks

Any Advice For Picking A Medicare Supplement Plan?....

WTF? I give up.....No idea what to say about this shit anymore!!!!

A Blunder at the Money Factory

Russia's anti-gay law gives 'licence to thugs and hooligans,' says Star Trek's George Takei

‘Perfect Season’ Dolphins to visit White House – 41 years later

What did you want to be when you grew up ?

Gay campaigners stage Russia demo

If Peace Never Comes, This Will Be the Reason

Research Brief: Technology could bring high-end solar to the masses

Obama's approval rating with liberal dems is still over 80%

Workers likely sprayed with radioactive mist at Fukushima nuclear plant

Colombia’s entire military and police command replaced

'Bachelor' contestant Gia Allemand dies after apparent suicide attempt

Warming Climate Pushes Plants up the Mountain

"I'm sorry that I hurt the United States" Bradley Manning apologizes in court

Paying for “Citizen Koch”

Children exposed to lead more likely to be suspended from school

Police Storm Protest Camps; 278 Dead Across Egypt

Obama Rodeo Clown Gets Invite to Perform From Stockman

Unease at Clinton Foundation Over Finances and Ambitions

Can solar energy help save Greece?

NY1 Exclusive: DOE Bumps Up Price Of School Lunches For Some, Makes It Free For Others

Tim Tebow just might be the Anti-Christ

Air-Mix Abstracts

Foreign interference in Colombia has been ‘dismal’: FARC

NYC poll: 56 percent pick Eliot Spitzer

California’s High Court Denies Petition To Reinstate Same-Sex Marriage Ban

David Graeber: ‘There Has Been a War on the Human Imagination’ (Really important)

Sequestration Ushers In A Dark Age For Science In America

Loneliness Illustrated So Beautifully You Will Need To Tell Someone

Can you help clarify "whining about DUers" v. "whining about DU" for the hosts?

Brigid jumped the fence yesterday

Latest Killing Raises UN Concern about Safety of Journalists in Guatemala

Guatemala:Killing Raises Concern about Safety of Journalists

Iowa Will Add 1.05GW New Wind Energy Capacity By 2015

Well, well, well.....

NYPD: Six Sought In Alleged Chelsea Bias Attack

More of America’s wind turbines are actually being built in America

Peasant Farmers in Colombia Are Being Killed for Their Land

6 Questions about Obamacare - --- answered

Changing climate may have driven collapse of civilizations in Late Bronze Age

"Obama: Build up middle class," America at the Boston Herald


The Big Dog

World’s second largest offshore wind farm opens off Suffolk coast (UK)

Orson Scott Card Worries About Obama Turning "Urban Gangs" Into His Personal Police Force

Latest poll shows Spitzer with growing lead

Why NOT stopping Obamacare at all costs is suicide for the GOP. Expect Extreme Measures.

World’s highest wind farm completed in Tibet

I hope somebody tells the people who follow the Muslim Brotherhood that Morsi

How will crops fare under climate change? Depends on how you ask (Global Change Biology)

Why men kill their families on Sundays in August

Typewriter-Hoarding Pundit Robert Samuelson Hates the Internet

Icarus Interstellar's Starship Congress will be live streamed on YouTube

ALEC's Unwelcome Party in Chicago

Q: What do you get when you cross Morrissey with Charles M. Schultz?

Florida governor says he'll sue Georgia for water

Help to save the Drive-in Theater.....Project

Entergy wins key appeals court ruling on Vermont nuclear plant

The GOP Is No Longer Threatening A Government Shutdown And Will Instead Threaten Something Much Wors

Explaining "Stop and Frisk" to White People...

Ice ages only thanks to feedback


Condor strapped to Bull, Peru, picture not given graphic warning in New York Times

4 hour fire alarm test scheduled for Florida State Capital building...

December boys got it bad

Japan Solar Energy Soars, But Grid Needs to Catch Up

Fast food strikes to massively expand: “They’re thinking much bigger”

Where were you when the lights went out?

The Origin Of 'The World's Dumbest Idea': Milton Friedman

How the far right developed an unlikely interest in solar energy

August 14, 1935 (President Franklin Roosevelt signs the Social Security Act)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 15 August 2013

"Have you been seen talking about Obamacare?"

Why do some people keep calling Obama "center-right"?

Bounce and Spin, People!

MetLife Blimp gets shoved around by the wind over my house

US Warns Egypt To Step Back As Death Toll Nears 300

Megyn Kelly, Sean Hannity, And What Fox News' "Course Correction" Really Means

Or, just spin!

Ashton Kutcher was the darling of RW talk radio today

Can you figure out this license plate?

U.S. Weighs Canceling Military Exercise With Egypt

UMWA Members Hear Patriot Settlement Details Prior to Friday Vote

Bradley Manning Apologizes; Defense Cites Rough Childhood, Gender Identity Disorder

Police Fire Teargas, Birdshot At Bahrain Demonstrators

Japan's Nuclear Clean-Up: Costly, Complex And At Risk Of Failing

Chrysler Building Detail

Kevyn Orr Sorry For Calling Detroiters Dumb, Lazy

We will not be silenced!!

Scientists Achieve On-Demand Quantum Teleportation For The First Time

I wonder how this will look in campaign ads

Bryan Fischer is The Most Cock-Obsessed Christian Conservative in the Country

Toon: Gun buying requirements vs voting requirements

Kefir is way healthier than yogurt and easier to make as long as you get hold of the grains.

State court (California) gives final OK to gay marriage- So long Prop H8.

State court gives final OK to gay marriage (California-Propr 8)

Two Charged in J.P. Morgan 'Whale' Trades (Hiding 6 Billion In Losses)

Israeli Defense Minister Urges US Action in Syria; Warns of 'Axis of Evil'

3 journalists killed in Egypt turmoil

John Boehner just does not care.

The Cairo Massacre And Winner-Takes-All Politics